The art of delegation


Often, senior managers are reluctant to delegate authority, believing that ‘if you want something done right, you should get on and do it yourself’. There are many reasons why this attitude is unconstructive and inefficient. Delegation is a necessity for any business, reaping countless benefits for the organisation and leadership.

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Wellness top tips: How to prioritise your workload


Everyone has experienced that overwhelming feeling of a never-ending to-do list where everything is listed as a priority. As we get stressed, our ability to rationalise can be reduced – impacting our ability to be efficient. However, there is a toolbox of skills you can use to help manage this.

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Wellness: Public Speaking – how to overcome your fear


We’ve all been there: nervously awaiting your turn to get up and speak. Your mind is racing at a thousand miles an hour, your palms are clammy – and all of a sudden… you’ve forgotten your entire speech. If you can relate to this, chances are you’ve got glossophobia – the fear of public speaking.

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