• Expert Speaker Series - Creating a Personal Profile

    Breakfast session
    During this interactive session you will learn how to build your personal profile as an investment marketer. You will explore 6 key dimensions of a successful investment marketer: Strategy, Technical skills, Commerciality, Soft skills, Communication and Credibility.
  • Programmes

  • Future Leaders

    5 months
    The Future Leaders course develops your commercial acumen, strategic thinking and planning skills as well as the soft skills to present, influence and negotiate with senior stakeholders. You will also build your network and keep abreast of the latest industry and digital marketing trends.
    From £4,950.00
  • Induction

    1 day
    A one-day course designed as an introduction to marketing in the fund management industry. As well as training and development for those new to fund marketing, the course also provides the chance to share experiences with peers within our industry.
    From £850.00
  • Leadership

    6 months
    The Leadership programme is a six day course spread over five months. It is CIM accredited and designed to build confidence, skills and profile in senior marketers. Typically for marketers with 8-10 years’ experience it will provide technical and soft skills and strategic perspectives for those looking to progress in their leadership role.
    From £7,250.00
  • The Academy

    5 months
    The Academy is designed to provide a tailored learning, mentoring and networking forum exclusively for marketers within the fund management industry. Taking place over six months, the Academy provides structured training, enhances knowledge and provides a platform for marketers to learn from and share challenges and experiences with peers in the industry.
    From £3,050.00
  • Events

  • Expert Speaker Series - Winning the battle for next generation wealth

    Lunchtime Talk
    We stand on the cusp of the biggest wealth transfer in history at a time of exponential technological change. Join us to discuss how we can engage Next Generation clients, while not alienating the over-60s.
    From £75.00
  • From Strategy To Distribution -The Content Journey

    Morning Panel
    Addressing the chronology of strategy, content, distribution through to data considerations, this combination of talks and panel discussions will open and look to discuss key developments and potential hurdles within the Investment industry.
  • Introducing the Association of Investment Marketers

    Afternoon event & Drinks
    Explore and prioritise the skills you will need to accelerate your career, learn some fun but essential ‘soft’ skills and learn about key industry trends from leading investment marketers.
    From £250.00