Hot topics of the month: Leadership

Hi everyone and welcome back to our monthly feature – hot topics of the month. With our Future Leaders course taking place this Wednesday (29 January) we have incorporated a leadership theme into this month’s feature. We have handpicked five articles and videos that bring you valuable marketing and industry insight, whilst providing you with top tips and tricks on how to become a better leader within your organisation.

How managers become leaders

Michael D Watkins tells a story of a man named Harald. Having worked his way up the ranks from Assistant Product Manager to Marketing and Sales Director over 15 years, he was eventually given the opportunity to take his leadership skills to the next level. However, like a lot of rising stars, Harald struggled with the transition, realising that it’s “much different at the top”. This article gives an overview of the ‘seven seismic shifts’ that enable executives to transition successfully into their new leadership roles.

Storytelling as a leadership tool

Author Dan Schawbel interviews consumer research executive, Paul Smith, who discusses how storytelling can be an effective leadership tool. Paul provides insight on a range of questions including: how companies make storytelling part of their leadership practice, how it can make leaders more effective, and why it is so important in business. He also shares his recommendations on creating a great story that captures employees’ attention. Click here to read the full article.

How to blow a presentation to the C-suite?

We all know how daunting presentations can be, especially when in front of the C-suite. This engaging article tells the story of one woman’s nightmare pitch to the CEO at a company retreat.

Reminding us that not all presentations go as planned and sometimes the C-suite just aren’t impressed, author Sabina Nawaz cautions that even seasoned leaders can fall into a few common ‘traps’ when presenting. Read the full article here, to find out exactly how to avoid these common ‘traps.’

This year’s digital marketing predictions

Taking a focus off leadership, this article looks to provide marketers with the digital trends to watch in 2020. Ben Davis, a blog editor at Econsultancy, takes an interesting view of digital marketing, suggesting that everything from TV to SEO is dead and points to the fact that nowadays digital is not everything for marketers.

How important are Digitisation, Demographics and Millennials in 2020?

As part of GAM Investment’s Outlook 2020 series, they released a video asking several fund managers for their views on some of the year’s anticipated ‘megatrends’, including technology and younger consumers. To watch the full video, click here.

We have handpicked five articles and videos that bring you up to date marketing and industry insight. These aim to provide top tips and tricks on how to become a better leader within your organisation.

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