How to Guide: Adviser Presentations

How you begin is vital.

  •  It is crucial to grab the audience and tell them right upfront why they should listen to you and what they’re going to get out of it
  • Don’t begin with an agenda. An agenda will put the audience to sleep right off the bat; there is no more effective way to lose their attention before you’ve even begun to tell them anything important.
  • Instead:
    i. Begin with ‘Making the case for…’. Overly draw attention to your real purpose; they know you’re there to sell them something, so acknowledge it, and then…
    ii. Explain the topics you’ll cover and give them reasons to listen. “There are three things I’m going to talk to you about today” – make them as compelling and punchy as possible.
    iii. Focus on giving them either something educational, something genuinely interesting, or something with a clear benefit for them and their clients. This gets their attention so you can deliver your ‘sales’ messages.
  •  Differentiate yourselves from all other fund managers, who begin their presentations with self-indulgent and self-congratulatory messages about how big and great they are. They are all the same, and nobody cares!
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