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AIM Insights is your go-to destination for keeping up to date across industry developments and marketing best practice through an investment industry lens. With first-hand experience of the unique restrictions and regulations that investment marketers have to contend with, we provide regular updates to help overcome bottlenecks and increase knowledge over a range of subjects.

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Managing and persuading stakeholders: key principles

Managing stakeholders effectively can be highly beneficial for career growth or getting a difficult project over the line, but this is often easier said than done.

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What do advisers want to see in fund group marketing?

As we continue striving to be of better service to financial advisers, how can we ensure that our efforts are really helping them – and not cluttering their inbox? Steph Bone, Head of Marketing at Square Mile, highlights five top tips on how you can enhance your marketing communications to

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Lessons from History

If the future is so uncertain, surely it is illogical to believe there are any lessons we can learn from history? I would suggest we can – A brilliant thought piece written by Quentin Crowe that explores how employers and employees should react when faced with this current crisis

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Google Analytics 101

Google Analytics was first introduced back in 2005, when Google acquired a company called Urchin Software and launched their first web-based analytics programme for free. This guide will provide readers with easy step by step instructions to help users set up their analytics account and get familiar with Google Analytics.

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Wellness top tips: How to prioritise your workload

Everyone has experienced that overwhelming feeling of a never-ending to-do list where everything is listed as a priority. As we get stressed, our ability to rationalise can be reduced – impacting our ability to be efficient. However, there is a toolbox of skills you can use to help manage this.

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Is seasonal marketing relevant for the investment industry?

We’ve all been faced with the dreaded question of: ‘What is our Christmas marketing strategy?’. While consumer retail businesses use the end of the year as a prime sales opportunity, should client-facing firms such as investment managers also bring a more festive slant to their marketing?

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