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AIM Insights is your go-to destination for keeping up to date across industry developments and marketing best practice through an investment industry lens. With first-hand experience of the unique restrictions and regulations that investment marketers have to contend with, we provide regular updates to help overcome bottlenecks and increase knowledge over a range of subjects.

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Go to guide for LinkedIn users

Our LinkedIn 'go to guide' infographic provides individuals with recommendations regarding image dimensions, headline character count and much more

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Wellness top tips: How to improve your well-being at work

It’s no secret that well-being in the workplace is becoming an increasingly important issue, with research finding that 81% of UK office workers now spend between 4 and 9 hours each day sitting at a desk and looking at a screen. Not only can this lead to physical injuries, but

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Talking Type: The Value of Typography in Branding Today

When a typeface is chosen or designed in the right way it can greatly elevate brand perception, but poor typographic decisions can have a negative impact on the expression and performance of your brand across multiple platforms.

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Digital Marketing trends in 2020

Digital marketing has grown rapidly as advancements in technology have enabled a mass collection of data globally. White Marble Marketing’s Managing Director, Andrew Scott, joins us to discuss the digital trends he thinks will be key in the coming year.

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Wellness: Public Speaking – how to overcome your fear

We’ve all been there: nervously awaiting your turn to get up and speak. Your mind is racing at a thousand miles an hour, your palms are clammy – and all of a sudden… you’ve forgotten your entire speech. If you can relate to this, chances are you’ve got glossophobia –

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Why ESG doesn’t matter

Asset managers' are increasingly trying to integrate ESG into their funds, believing it will demonstrate to investors they are doing good things. Unfortunately, this is being done without understanding that ESG shouldn’t be an output or a target.

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