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AIM Insights is your go-to destination for keeping up to date across industry developments and marketing best practice through an investment industry lens. With first-hand experience of the unique restrictions and regulations that investment marketers have to contend with, we provide regular updates to help overcome bottlenecks and increase knowledge over a range of subjects.

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Wellness: Public Speaking – how to overcome your fear

We’ve all been there: nervously awaiting your turn to get up and speak. Your mind is racing at a thousand miles an hour, your palms are clammy – and all of a sudden… you’ve forgotten your entire speech. If you can relate to this, chances are you’ve got glossophobia –

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Why ESG doesn’t matter

Asset managers' are increasingly trying to integrate ESG into their funds, believing it will demonstrate to investors they are doing good things. Unfortunately, this is being done without understanding that ESG shouldn’t be an output or a target.

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The changing role of advertising

The rapid pace of change may be staggering, but it is unsurprising. The digital age has created more advertising channels for marketers to exploit. It has enabled the industry to find new ways to reach the end consumer.

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What goes into a successful search engine ad campaign?

Digital advertising – and particularly search engine marketing – has grown significantly over just the last 10 years. With so many investment management firms investing in this medium, it is worth looking at what goes into a successful pay-per-click (PPC) strategy.

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Why learning to drive a bus could transform your marketing career.

Digital marketing has changed the role of the investment industry marketer for good. We now have extensive data to underpin our decision making. But there is a trap B2B Marketers too often fall into - relying on data at the expense of empathy.

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Hot topics of the month

Welcome to our new content feature: ‘hot topics of the month’, identifying a range of key blog posts that provide valuable market insights. This week features four articles and one white paper that cover a variety of topics from AI (artificial intelligence) to Brexit.

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