AIM High: Developing skilled and capable leaders

This episode explores how to build strength and depth of talent in investment marketing teams, with guests Charlotte Lamb, a highly experienced industry marketer and Quentin Crowe, the Chief Learning Officer at the Association of Investment Marketers (AIM).

Charlotte Lamb is a highly motivated senior marketer with more than 17 years’ experience in asset management, leading marketing teams at firms including Janus Henderson Investors and Natixis. Having completed the AIM Leadership programme in 2019, she is focusing on how to apply her practical and learning experiences into strategic development.

Quentin established and built training businesses to help accelerate the careers of marketers at different stages of their development.  In particular, Quentin focuses on marketers at critical career cross-roads including promotion, redundancy, ‘glass ceilings’, and returning from maternity leave. Quentin joined the AIM team as Chief Learning Officer in 2019.

Join us for this insightful discussion covering:

  • Finding the balance between technical skills and softer skills 
  • The evolving role of the marketer within asset management
  • Creative solutions to shrinking budgets and less resource
  • Proving ROI and showing performance through data
  • Building confidence in speaking up and shaking up existing processes
  • Overcoming the common issue of imposter syndrome

How to build strength and depth of talent in investment marketing teams, with guests Charlotte Lamb and Quentin Crowe.

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