AIM High: ESG terms, trends and appetite

ESG, sustainability and impact are prominent themes on most investment managers’ agendas, alongside the need to differentiate their approach from that of their competitors. This week we discuss the opportunities and challenges for marketers as they help to shape their firms’ positioning in this regard.

To help us make sense of it all, we’re joined by Lloyd McAllister, a Responsible Investment Analyst at Newton Investment Management, and Holly Mackay, founder of Boring Money.

Lloyd has previously spent 10 years at KPMG in sustainability consulting. He now works with companies on what sustainability means. This includes setting the investment philosophy around ESG and sustainable investing, designing investment philosophy related to ESG integration and sustainable investing and conducting ESG and thematic research on potential equity, bond and sovereign investments.

Holly is a financial translator and consumer advocate aiming to help millions of Brits to make better choices with their money. She founded Boring Money in 2015 to help people understand investments, savings, ISAs and pensions without bogging them down in unnecessary complexity. After setting up Allfunds Bank in the UK, Holly founded The Platforum, which was sold to Centaur Media in 2014.

The themes in this podcast include:

  • The challenges to any asset manager credibly, authentically delivering ESG investment
  • Marketers being increasingly involved as part of their brand positioning and differentiation
  • The shrinking gap between the number of conversations about sustainable investing and the level of actual investment
  • The biggest pitfalls that a marketer could make when trying to set out the ESG credentials of their business
  • The practice of using ESG as a data set purely to improve risk-adjusted returns
  • The multiple definitions people use when they say sustainable investing

The AIM High podcast, hosted by Twink Field, White Marble Marketing CEO and Founder, for The Association of Investment Marketers (AIM), is part of the landscape of content and resources we create specifically for marketers within the investment management world. The AIM High podcast focuses on conversations with a range of experts talking about the industry, product, practical tips and personal development for careers.

AIM is passionate about marketing being recognised as an influential and strategic part of a business. It provides investment marketers with resources, events and courses to help them improve industry knowledge, develop their careers and build their network.

ESG, sustainability and impact are prominent themes in today’s landscape. To help us make sense of it all, we’re joined by Lloyd McAllister, a Responsible Investment Analyst at Newton Investment Management, and Holly Mackay, founder of Boring Money.

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