AIM High: Wellness in the workplace

We discuss the impact of wellness on efficiency in the workplace.  A topic not widely discussed until relatively recently, there is now growing understanding and openness about wellness in our lives.  

Our guest is Janice Benning, a resilience coach and a training director of NeuroVitalityShe focuses on prevention rather than cure and promotes awareness and insight into resilience, well-being and prevention. Janice coaches and presents to companies about mental health, as someone with first-hand experience in ignoring the warning signs of burnout in corporate life, and who has suffered the consequences.  

Themes in this podcast include: 

  • Wellness has become a popular buzzword – but what does it really look like when we discuss bringing it into the workplace? 
  • What are the benefits around efficiency and health, and the impact of SMCR will have 
  • What are the main barriers to people openly practicing wellness at work 
  • What kind of best practices can we all take into work with us 
  • The importance of laughter 
  • When it comes to mental health, what are the type of things we can look out for in ourselves  
  • How can managers and senior staff members help break down the stigma and empower those who may need to discuss it 

The AIM High podcast, hosted by Twink Field, White Marble Marketing CEO and Founder, for The Association of Investment Marketers (AIM), is part of the landscape of content and resources we create specifically for marketers within the investment management world. The AIM High podcast focuses on conversations with a range of experts talking about the industry, product, practical tips and personal development for careers. 

AIM is passionate about marketing being recognised as an influential and strategic part of a business. It provides investment marketers with resources, events and courses to help them improve industry knowledge, develop their careers and build their network. 

We discuss the impact of wellness on efficiency in the workplace with guest Janice Benning, a resilience coach and a training director of NeuroVitality.

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