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The AIM High podcast brings regular insights from industry experts on the opportunities and challenges of investment marketing. Twink Field, White Marble Marketing CEO and Founder, invites an array of guests to cover everything from the evolution and impact of products, practical investment marketing insights to personal development for careers. You can subscribe for alerts for AIM High across all leading podcast directories or click on any of the posts below to stream the episode.

AIM High: Shrinking or growing your marketing teams? Tips for handling both conversations

This week, Twink talks to Charlie Walters, Director of CW Learning Ltd and Ruth Johnson, Director at INK HR about managing team growth and reduction.

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AIM High: Managing for Mental Health

In this week’s episode Twink welcomes back Janice Benning, Founder and Director of NeuroVitality Ltd, to discuss how we can manage for mental health.

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AIM High: The role real assets play in a portfolio

Today’s episode looks at real assets, focusing on where to look in the market for natural income and when liquidity is an issue. We also look at what the stress points and trade-offs are, and the right ways of accessing these types of assets.

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